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Walter Wisniewski


Walter Wisniewski is currently involved with a number of different groups and associations. Walter has developed strong relationships through the Rotary Club of Smithtown, where he attends weekly luncheons and discusses current events pertaining humanitarian assistance.

Walter is also the advisor to the Interact club at the local high school. Interact is a Rotary sponsored program in which the high school students undertake projects benefitting communities, both local and internationally.

One special project the students are working on this year is called Music and Memory. This project involves finding people who will donate their iPod to the local nursery home. The students, in turn, will download music that the patient's family says they enjoyed listening to when they were very functional adults. The qualities in the music reenergize the patients and have been found to have extremely therapeutic effects. This is especially true in patients with forms of dementia. As an avid musician and as a son whose own mother suffered from dementia, this project truly hits home for Walter. Walter truly loves working with this program and seeing the results firsthand.

Walter is in the process of writing his first book. In his book, Walter has established the fact that financial decision making has very little to do with money, but has a lot to do with behavior and emotions. There is a very strong connection between how we feel about our money and how we end up handling our personal finances. Behavioral finance has become a heightened theme among many of Walter's clients and he has personally attempted to master this subject through his research and writings.

Whether or not you resonate with one of the above topics, it is clear that Walter has a number of different interests. Over his lifetime, Walter has realized above all else, that he likes to give back. He loves to meet people and listen to their stories. He has started opening up the speaking circuit and currently gives presentations on Behavioral Financial Planning, Music as Therapy, and tailors his presentations towards specific groups and associations such as sailing clubs, economically independent women, and young executives.

If you would like to speak to Walter about any of the above topics or like to schedule a time for him to speak with your group, please do not hesitate to contact him at

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