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Transition Management Services

Paragon specializes in helping people who are experiencing life-changing financial events such as:
• Loss of a spouse or loved one
• Divorce
• Sale of a business
• Legal Settlement
• Retirement

Whether anticipated or not, major events can have a profound effect on your life... It can not only affect your current investment plan, but change your priorities and long-term goals. Having a trusted partner by your side can make a profound difference

Our first priority is to help clients through this transitional period by providing emotional support and guidance, as making the right long-term decisions during transitions is critical. As the dust settles, our job is to help clients learn from the experience so that they are empowered to meet future financial challenges.

Paragon understands the important concept that each type of life transition – whether positive or negative – is different, and that each person reacts differently when confronted by such changes. Underlying our philosophy is patience and empathy – we will take the time to help each client emerge from change better equipped to shape their financial future.

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