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Our Services

Paragon has a single focus, and one hundred percent of our attention and resources are dedicated to helping clients reach their financial goals. We take the time to listen to and get to know our clients before advising them, only then creating customized investment strategies to meet those needs. Paragon then remains vigilant at their side as a long-term partner and helps them adapt their investment programs as circumstances change.

The Paragon consulting process is highlighted by our Wealth Management Formula, which includes:
• Investment Consulting
• Advanced Planning
• Relationship Management

Investment Consulting is the foundation of the Paragon consultative process, as it helps deepen the relationship and provide Paragon with the necessary information to provide customized solutions.

We believe that markets are efficient, and therefore do not believe in trying to forecast the direction of the markets or making bets on individual securities or specific asset classes. In keeping with this philosophy, client portfolios are designed to be:
• Diversified
• Tax-efficient
• Low-turnover
The funds that we use are selected with an eye toward low expense ratios.

In addition, we specialize in helping clients experiencing life-changing transitional events by offering Transition Management Services. Clients learn to take control of their financial lives through a process we call The Musical Flow of Money. This empowerment helps prepare them for future unforeseen events.

Paragon’s Professional Network introduces clients to a group of highly specialized professionals to compliment the services that we offer so that we can generate the best solutions to meet all of our client’s financial challenges.

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