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Professional Network

In order to keep focused on our areas of specialization, we have developed a network of highly specialized professionals who we believe are able to provide the advanced services that our clients require.

Our professional network of professionals includes:
• Certified Public Accountants (CPAs)
• Insurance Specialists
• Tax/Estate Attorneys

If clients have existing relationships with professionals in these or other areas, these trusted advisors are included as directed by the client in the upfront profiling process. Paragon remains at the core of this network, charged with defining clients’ goals and key challenges and assuring that all of the pieces work smoothly together.

As relationships build, if clients desire recommendations of professionals in other areas – such as credit or mortgages for example – Paragon will try its best to assist clients in their search and due diligence process.

When Paragon takes the responsibility of recommending others to its clients, it does its utmost to assure the quality of these services. Directing the overall relationship and remaining intimately involved helps remove uncertainty.

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